Patio Design and Installation Tips, Cottage Style Painting Techniques, What to Look for in an AC Checkup and more


Looking for a space to relax, entertain or cook?  A patio fits the bill.  Get advice on designing and installing one for a very do-able DIY project. Leslie has great ideas for painting techniques to achieve a cottage style look in any room.  And find out about your AC, including how to tell if Freon is leaking and what to look for when you give it the first check up of the year.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, wells, mold removal, composite decking, roofing, concrete driveway repair, insulating an attic, gutter guards, light bulbs, damp basements and flooring.

The Added Benefit of 2016’s Color of the Year, Affordable Bathroom Trends, Clutter Control Tips and more


Learn what 2016’s Color of the Year says about American’s preferences – and the added perk it brings to your home.  From colors to high-tech trends, discover ways to update your bathroom for less.  Learn quick tips for instant clutter control before your stuff gets a hold of you.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, remodel kitchen cabinets, fireplace re -facing, leaking roof, cleaning a vent dryer, toilet stains, heat, drainage, moss on roof, install flooring over carpet. 

Hot Colors to Watch in 2016, Tips for Hanging Artwork and Frames, and How to See – And Talk To – Strangers on Your Doorstep From Anywhere in the World!


Get the most out of your design choices by using this year’s up-and-coming colors – we’ll tell you what they are, and their added benefit.  From plaster to drywall to brick, get tips for adding frames and other hangings to any wall type.  And it’s not just cool, it’s a safety precaution, too: Learn about the device keeps your home from looking empty.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, wiring issues, organization, painting, solar heating options, replacing carpeting, water heaters, siding, windows, slow drains, flooring options.

Planning a Room Makeover

dcoration maison cadre bois violet vide fix sur un mur vert

Find out how to select a starting point — be it a color, fabric, or piece of furniture – and plan your room makeover around it. Get tips on choosing finishes and materials that are low-maintenance and better for your health and the environment.

Kids’ Bedrooms: Involving Little Ones in Decor Decisions


When updating and redecorating a child’s bedroom as they age, using their likes and interests as a starting point will help you both create a space where they feel truly comfortable and at home. Here are a few general tips to help you and your child on your way to a happy, affordable result.

Grayne Offers the Beauty of Natural Cedar Siding with None of the Maintenance

Do it yourselfer

Natural cedar siding is beautiful, but susceptible to water absorption that causes cupping and curling. Grayne is the first-ever engineered polymer replacement for natural cedar shingles and other hard board siding. It is prefinished, instantly delivering the look of aged cedar but eliminating the issue of moisture absorption. It’s the perfect high-end, low-maintenance solution for any homeowner.