City Chickens: How to Get Started Raising a Flock in Your Backyard


Have you heard chickens clucking contentedly in your neighborhood? How about a hen proudly announcing her egg? These sounds are no longer relegated to rural farmsteads. Referred to as “city chickens” they’re becoming more common in urban & suburban areas around the country. Keeping backyard chickens has become a popular hobby and an important part of the ‘slow food‘ Read the full article…

Green Power Plan: Combine Standard and Alternative Energy Sources


Alternative energy sources have the potential to make big contributions to home comfort and overall savings, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon traditional energy sources like electric, gas and oil. A combination of standard and alternative sources is becoming a common solution.

How to Make a Small Home Look Bigger

Living Room Sorage Organization

Have you considered using magnetic strips to store your kitchen cutlery? Or – possibly repurposing a hanging fruit basket to hold office supplies? These ideas might sound strange at first, but these easy organizing hacks can save space, spruce up your place and make a small home look bigger at the same time! Organizing efficiently and Read the full article…

5 Fridge Cleaning Secrets for Fresher Food and Longer Life

You already know how to clean a refrigerator, don’t you? After all, you’ve probably had lots of practice. It’s full of a constantly changing inventory of food and runs 24/7 – so much so that keeping it clean may seem like a never-ending task! Keeping your refrigerator’s insides clean cuts down on refrigerator odors, but by Read the full article…