The Money Pit is a nationally syndicated, call-in radio show that helps listeners with their home repair and improvement problems. The show has consistently been named among "America's 100 Most Important Radio Shows" by Talkers magazine. It's been on the air for over ten years, and is now carried on over 300 radio affiliates across the nation, as well as on iHeart radio.

Each week, Tom and Leslie take dozens of calls from listeners who ask about everything from pest problems to deck dilemmas. Their combined experience and expertise allow them to offer solutions to a wide range of problems immediately. If they aren't sure how to help, which is rare, they can always point callers in the right direction. Call us at 1-888-MONEY PIT or post your question in our home improvement community. Our call center is manned by a live person 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Tom Kraeutler

    Tom Kraeutler is a hands-on home improvement broadcast journalist and the kind of guy homeowners want to call at midnight when their basement floods...
  • Leslie Segrete

    Leslie is probably best known as carpenter and seamstress on TLC's hit surprise makeover show, "While You Were Out". She brings her expertise and experience to a whole new audience each week as co-host of The Money Pit...
  • The Money Pit Team

    Behind the radio speaker, there's a whole lot of effort involved in delivering The Money Pit every single week. Fortunately, Tom & Leslie have a crack team of radio pros behind them to help get it all done. Meet the folks that make it all happen.
  • Endorsement Policy

    We frequently mention products and brand names in the context of our radio show, personal appearances and articles. Are we paid to mention those products or do we really believe in them?