Custom Cellular Shades

If I asked you what one product would help you save energy, sleep better at night, keep your kids safe and make your home look better, shades might not be the first thing that jumps to mind, but those are exactly the benefits of Levolor Custom Cellular Shades

Custom Cellular ShadesFirst, Levolor’s exclusive fabrics and patterns are beautiful, with a rich color palette that will satisfy most decorating styles.  But, on the more practical side, the cellular design of Levolor Custom Celullar Shades delivers an insulating effect that keeps you comfortable.

The Cellular Shades block out 99% of available light, helping you sleep better at night, and the cordless lift system means no dangling cords for kids or pets to get tangled in. You can order up to 10 free swatches online. 

Prices for Levolor Custom Cellular Shades vary depending on window size, fabric and option selections and retail location, but usually range between $80 – $255 for an average window.

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