Smart Home Technology Shrinks Bills, Grows Peace of Mind

smart home

The concept of a Smart Home is increasingly popular, and it’s a big part of the next generation of home improvement. We’re starting to see more connected products with features that save time and money by making homes work smarter. Two things that are top of mind for many homeowners and even renters: conserving water and energy; and home security.

Kids’ Room Design: Take Cues from Their Interests, Activities


Decorating a child’s bedroom is a chance to let your imagination run wild – something you don’t always get with home design. With just a small amount of time and money, you can create a space that feels special and reflects your child’s uniqueness.

Easy Dishwasher Fix


Do you find yourself washing the dishes after your dishwasher does? It may be because your dishwasher’s drain valve is clogged by debris. The valve should only open during the draining cycle. But if it is clogged, it will let water out during the wash cycle, too. So, listen carefully — if you hear water Read the full article…

Cool Video: Instant Home Makeover

Accessible Design Shower

With help from AARP, my co-host Leslie Segrete and I completed an accessible design  home makeover project that delivered both safety and style for house that is home to three generations of a family in Miller Place, NY.  Check out cool before/after video of improvements to the kitchen, bath, foyer and get some ideas for your Read the full article…

Tax Credit for Home Improvements, Best ROI for Green Upgrades and Fireplace Safety Redo


If you’ve sold your home, closed the deal and handed over the keys, you may think you’re done?  Not quite!  Find out what you have to do AFTER you sell your home to complete the transaction – especially if you’ve made a few home improvements over the years.  Plus, going green at home is a big trend nowadays, but how do you sort the good from the perennially BAD improvements, Tom and Leslie have solutions. And before you start the home fires burning this fall, we’ll have tips on how to make sure your chimney is up for the challenge, along with your calls on, home odors, insulation, painting a front door, faucet replacement, wallpaper removal, leveling a floor, damp crawlspaces.