Grace Ice & Water Shield Roof Underlayment Prevents Costly Leaks

In the United States and beyond, extreme weather is the new normal. Every home must be constructed to withstand everything that Mother Nature brings. Grace Ice & Water Shield is a self-adhered roofing underlayment designed to protect your home from wind-driven rain and ice dams, preventing damage and costly repairs.

Winter Weather Means Soaring Heating Bills: Tips to Cut Heating Costs

Heavy Snow on House

Get tips to lower home heating costs.  Find out two improvements can lower heating costs by 20 percent, plus more low cost and no cost energy tips that can reduce home energy bills without spending a lot of money.

Wet Basement Blues? Easy Way to Fix a Wet Basement

waterproofing basement walls

My basement just flooded in the latest storm.  I can’t figure out the source of the leak and now have wet, moldy carpet.  I need to dry it out and figure out how to get the moldy smell out of the house.  Any suggestions to fix a wet basement? Darcy D., Chicago, IL OK, first Read the full article…

Back to School? 8 Stain Removal Tips to Keep Kids Clothes Clean!

Little kids hugging, their faces and hands are colored

As another school year begins, kids around the country are hitting the halls in their brand new duds. Unfortunately, it can often seem like their clothes are magnets for all different kinds of smears, smudges and stains. With the following stain removal tips, you’ll be able to get your kids’ clothes looking good as new again.