The Livin’ is Easy with These Living Room Design Ideas

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Some of us watch TV every night in our living rooms, while for some, the living room is strictly for entertaining company. Whatever role your living room plays in your home, odds are good that it’s due for an update — or at least a little freshening up! Once the holidays are over, many of Read the full article…

How to Make Your House Easily Identifiable for Emergencies, Turn your Formal Living Room into an Everyday Space, Get Tips on Lighting for the Holidays and more


Get advice on how to make your address easily readable and identifiable from the street for emergency responders.  Find out how to turn a seldom-used formal living room into a usable, every day space for the whole family.  Get tips on how lighting can make your break your holiday.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about , wood flooring, light bulbs, structural cracks, squirrels, lightening rods, additional storage and roof mold.

How to Seal Drafts to Save Energy Dollars, How to Find Uncommon Sources for Air Leaks, Why Modular Home Construction is Helping Jersey Shore Rebuilding Efforts and more


Learn how to seal drafts to save energy and money, especially in a rental unit where you can’t make permanent changes.  How to find and seal uncommon sources for air leaks that waste energy.  Learn why modular construction – prefabricated homes – is the solution for many Jersey Shore homeowners looking to rebuild and get back to a new normal.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about tankless hot water heaters, interior doors, faucets, refinishing floors, laying pipes, adding a basement shower, home additions, repairing a cracked tub, removing asbestos ceiling, and cleaning a roof.

Big Ass Fan’s Haiku Delivers Organic Design and Energy Efficiency

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Haiku is a ceiling fan that exceeds expectations you never knew you had. Combining energy efficiency and stunning beauty, Tom Kraeutler interviews Brand Manager Alex Reed and discovers how Haiku is setting a new stanrd for ceiling fans everywhere.

Serena Remote Controlled Cellular Shades Protect Floors, Fabrics and Furnishings from Harsh Sunlight

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Serena Remote Controlled Cellular Shades by Lutron protect your home and its contents by keeping out harsh light and UV rays.