How to Hide Wires

flatscreen tv with sideboard

TOM: A flat-screen TV gives great views of touching moments and touchdowns but sometimes includes a less appealing sight: Dangling cords and wires. Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete with today’s Money Pit Home Improvement Minute. TOM: Wires hanging from flat-screen TVs can be unsightly and unsafe. Running cables through a hollow Read the full article…

Fun Projects for Leftover Paint #0731172

paint colors

TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. TOM: Pick up the phone, give us a call right now. We would love to talk about your home improvement or décor project. The number is 888-MONEY-PIT or you can Read the full article…

How to Build Bar Stools | Video


How to Build Bar Stools From kitchens to basements, wooden bar stools are a great addition to any home. Building bar stools is an easy, inexpensive task, ideal for those new to DIY. Here’s what you’ll need to take on this project: TOOLS Tape measure Carpenter’s square Circular Saw Power Drill & Bits Miter Saw Orbital Read the full article…

Non-Toxic, Natural Wood Stain to DIY Using Coffee, Berries, and More!

natural wood stain

Find out how natural non-toxic wood stains can be made from coffee, tea, raspberries, vinegar and walnut hulls. Find out how to apply and protect organic wood stains.

How to Extend the Summer Outdoor Living Season. Advice for Planting Sod and the All Natural Way to Unclog Drains


Labor Day is upon us, and while that means the end of summer — it doesn’t have to mean the end of outdoor fun.  Tom and Leslie have tips on THREE ways you can extend the use of your outdoor space. Plus,  now’s also the time to plant new lawns but if you don’t have time to watch the grass grow – we’ve got shortcuts on the best way to get a great looking lawn, fast.  And, get advice on an all-natural way to unclog drains, along with answers to your questions about, household odors, roof leaks, paneling, furniture restoration, tool options.

Sod Secrets to a Beautiful Lawn, Fixing Rooms that Won’t Heat or Cool and DIY Energy Audits


Is there one area of your home that seems hard to cool and even harder to heat?  Tom & Leslie have advice on split ductless air conditioner technology that may be the solution.  Plus, if you’ve noticed the borders around your lawn, driveway, walk or patio are looking a bit frazzled, there’s a new brick product out on the market that can make that look super sharp in no time.  And with a season change just ahead, do you know the one thing that can help you cut energy costs more than anything else?  It’s getting a home energy audit. Get advice on a no-cost DIY version that’s helped over 9 million homeowners, along with answers to your questions about, animal odors, anchoring furniture, adding a bathroom, drainage, painting a basement floor, staining a porch, removing tiles, eliminating pests.

Sleek Kitchen Designs, Easy Ways to Refinish Furniture and How to Test Your A/C System


Want to incorporate a sleek, modern, clean look into your kitchen? Tom and Leslie have tips on how to achieve one of the hottest new design trends making its way to this side of the Atlantic from Europe.  Plus find out how to breathe new life into some of the furniture you may already have with stain. Learn a quick way to test your air conditioning system to make sure it’s doing all it can to keep you cool and comfortable, and get answers to your calls about, bathroom renovation, metal roofing, hardware options, driveway repair, radiant floors, removing paneling,  cleaning a concrete slab, roof drains, refinishing floors, planning a deck.

Fixing Stuck Windows, Replacing Your Fence and Tips on Choosing Colors


Now that you have your windows open more often, are you noticing that they’re not easy to GET open and closed?  Tom & Leslie have tips to get these sliding once again.  Plus, find out the step-by-step to fence replacement; get tips for choosing paint colors and your calls about, high water tables, leaky pipes, swamp coolers, refinishing furniture, septic tanks, brick patio pavers, dye grout, hardwood flooring, cleaning a floor after carpet removal, squirrel and raccoon problems.