Community Standards

We want you to have a fun, useful and educational experience on, filled with creativity, self-expression and problem-solving.

The goal of these Community Standards is simple — treat the other visitors with respect, without harassment, or any other activity that slurs individuals or groups.

We hope that you will follow these simple guidelines:

Harassment: You shall not communicate or behave in a manner that is coarse, intimidating or threatening, constitutes unwelcome advances, or is otherwise likely to cause annoyance or alarm is harassment.

Disclosure: You are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy. Sharing personal information about a fellow visitor beyond what is provided by the visitor in the user profile is a violation of that third party’s privacy.

Contributing: We encourage you to read other contributions before making one of your own. This will give you an idea of the topic and tone of things before posting. If you have a question, you may find the answer has already been posted.

“Spamming”: The publishing the same post or information multiple times is not allowed.

Hyperlinks: We allow appropriate, topical hyperlinks in our posts as long as they are in the context and include a full URL to the article or press release they reference. URLs should be in the following format: Posts that include only copied articles and/or press releases may be removed without notification.

Removal of Content: Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, SDP and reserve the unfettered right to remove any and all content at any time as it deems fit.

Disruption: Posts designed to inflame or disrupt ongoing discussions, veer conversations off-topic or that contain offensive material may be removed, along with other posts in that thread. Bashing of individuals, companies, organizations or entities is also subject to removal.

Opinions: You are welcome to voice your opinion on a topic. If you disagree with a comment made, you can post your differing opinion about the topic, but not at the expense of another person, whether present or not on the

Masked obscene, or abusive language: Even if masked by symbols or other characters, obscene language and derogatory verbiage, macros or images are inappropriate and not permitted in our communities, especially when directed at another member. You may not target another member or group to threaten harm, harass or cause distress or embarrassment.

Advertising and solicitation: Posts that include any kind of advertising, solicitation or promotion are not permitted. We do not allow promotion of content or merchandise, the infringement upon another’s copyright or trademark, or advertisement of commercial goods or auction items. Chain letters, pyramid schemes and business advertisements are not permitted and may be removed without notification. You may not solicit for money, clothing, reward or affiliate programs, either commercial or nonprofit. We do allow links to your business Web site in your post or signature line, but we don’t allow posts that solicit other members to click on those links to view products, services, employment offers or business opportunities.

Personal or business information: We love getting to know our visitors, but for safety’s sake, please do not post personal or business information such as address or phone number — yours or others’ — on site.

“Malware” aka Malicious Software or Programs: Sharing or encouraging the use of any software deemed malicious is strictly prohibited, but it is not possible for to protect you from those who do this. Therefore, use of any software shared is at your own risk.

Advice and opinion: Do not assume that member-generated advice is correct or reliable; it is your responsibility to do your own fact checking. does not endorse opinions or advice found in our community.

Community Standards and Terms of Use enforcement: has the right to enforce these Community Standards in its sole discretion. We do not prescreen member-generated content, but we reserve the right to remove, without notification, content that does not comply with’s Terms of Service or Community Standards. We reserve the right to make changes to these Community Standards or Terms of Service at any time, and we encourage our members to check this document periodically for changes.

You agree that all comments, suggestions, complaints and other feedback that you may disclose or otherwise provide to may be used by Squeaky Door Productions, Inc. and its licensors, suppliers and licensees in any manner whatsoever and without limitation of any kind.

NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF FILTERING SOFTWARE: All users are hereby informed by the provider of this interactive computer service that parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. A report detailing some of those protections can be found at: (Children’s Internet Protection Act: Report on the Effectiveness of Internet Protection Measures and Safety Policies). SDP and shall not bear any liability or responsibility for any minors seeing, hearing or reading content that may be considered inappropriate, and any use of this site by a minor without the use of commercially available filtering software or hardware is tacit approval of that minor’s right to utilize the entire site without regard to maturity, age or appropriateness.

Content removal: Posts and discussions that may be removed without notification include those containing 1) explicit, crude or graphic language; 2) messages or materials which depict graphic or gratuitous violence; and 3) messages which condone, encourage or call for acts of violence against an individual or group. Messages containing member information may also be removed. It is the desire, though not the obligation, of SDP and to enable visitors to utilized this site as a conduit for the sharing and dissemination of the free flow of appropriate ideas.

Posting privileges: Inappropriate posts are subject to removal. Continued violation of these guidelines may result in a loss of posting privileges on

If you post something which is unrelated to the original topic it may be removed, in order to keep the conversation on track. Postings must be made in positive, constructive fashion. Degrading, denigrating, and dismissive comments may be removed.

Policies and Policing

Warning, Suspension, Banishment: Generally, violations of the Community Standards will first result in a Warning. Multiple violations will result in the visitor being banned from the community.

Global Attacks: Objects, scripts, or actions that broadly interfere with or disrupt the community, the servers or other systems related to will not be tolerated in any form. We will hold you responsible for any actions you take, or which are taken by objects or scripts that belong to you.

Reporting Abuse: Users should report violations of the Community Standards. We review these abuse reports, and the identity of the reporter is kept strictly confidential.