4 Essential Projects for February Weekends

Home Winter Snow

February brings ice, which can accumulate on your roof, causing an ice dam. Clean your gutters, and check your roof for any shingle damage. If you have a steam boiler system, February is a good time to check the steam boiler system and make sure it is working properly. Some home improvement projects may earn you tax credits, and if you have added insulation, replaced windows or added heating and cooling equipment, you may qualify for tax credits. Finally, store firewood away from structures, so you don't invite termites to have a munch fest on your existing structures.

Winter Weather Means Soaring Heating Bills: Tips to Cut Heating Costs

Heavy Snow on House

Get tips to lower home heating costs.  Find out two improvements can lower heating costs by 20 percent, plus more low cost and no cost energy tips that can reduce home energy bills without spending a lot of money.

Home Energy Audits: Save Money and Conserve Energy

Energy Saving Ideas and Tips for Under $50

Tips to save money on your energy bills by getting home energy audits. A home energy audit can be performed for free by a utility company or by a trained, licensed technician for a fee. A technician will walk through your new or older home and help you determine the best way to make your home energy tight.

Smart Home Technology Shrinks Bills, Grows Peace of Mind

smart home

The concept of a Smart Home is increasingly popular, and it’s a big part of the next generation of home improvement. We’re starting to see more connected products with features that save time and money by making homes work smarter. Two things that are top of mind for many homeowners and even renters: conserving water and energy; and home security.