Winter Weather Means Soaring Heating Bills: Tips to Cut Heating Costs

Heavy Snow on House

Get tips to lower home heating costs.  Find out two improvements can lower heating costs by 20 percent, plus more low cost and no cost energy tips that can reduce home energy bills without spending a lot of money.

Energy Saving Ideas and Tips — Each Less Than $50


Find out five easy energy saving home improvements that are affordable energy savers. Learn how insulation, sealants and weather-stripping, and water heater blankets can be big energy savers, and how to avoid the hype associated with big-ticket home improvements that offer major energy savings claims.

Sound-proof: Basement Insulation

OC Image 3_man_attic_insulation_mask

LESLIE: Jim in Ohio is on the line with a question about insulation. What are you working on? JIM: I’m looking at remodeling my basement and I’m looking for something with – that’s going to help insulate it plus soud-proof the basement. TOM: So, a couple of things. First of all, do you want to Read the full article…

Using Utility Programs to Lower Electricity Costs, Garage Door Improvements and Dorm Room Decor


Was your last electric bill a real shocker?  Tom and Leslie have advice on how utility companies are required to offer programs to help you use LESS of their product.  Plus, the garage door turns 95 years old.  We’ve got some fun facts about the history of the garage door to share as well as a peak into the biggest safety and décor improvements.  And if you are shopping for your college student’s home away from home, we’ve got tips on dorm essentials offer up function, flair and some extra free space.  All that plus answers to your calls about, railing, window repair, garage flooring, water temperature, attic noises, paint options.