Can I Put Vinyl Tile Over Sheet Tile?


It's generally advisable to remove old flooring and paint before adding new layers.  But exceptions do exist.  Learn how to determine whether layering floor types is acceptable or not.   Plus, buyer beware: Discover the major pitfall of sheet vinyl flooring.

Repairing Your Water Damaged Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are beautiful, easy to upkeep, resist wear and tear, and are environmentally friendly. However, the one downside to a hardwood floor is that it doesn’t stand up well to water, and can be damaged by prolonged water exposure. Hardwood that’s exposed to water may end up getting warped or stained, and the damage Read the full article…

Heated Floors vs. Radiators: Best Hot Water Heating System for Your Home

heating floor

Forced-air heat may be the most common form of heating system across much of the nation but it has its drawbacks—allergy concerns, duct leakage and the complexity of system zoning can make for an uncomfortable and expensive way to keep your home comfortable in cold weather. Hydronic (hot water) heating, which uses hot water instead Read the full article…