How to Mosquito-Proof Your Yard #0501171


TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. TOM: And we hope that you are enjoying this beautiful spring weekend across the United States. If you’ve got a home improvement project that you are trying to get done Read the full article…

Most Valuable Home Improvements, Heat Pumps that Save Energy and Water Saving Tips for Bathrooms


Are you looking for ways to add real value to your home that stays around until you are ready to sell?  Tom and Leslie have tips on the improvements that deliver the best ROI. Plus, saving energy and “going green” are big goals for homeowners. Find out why a heat pump can do both. And, learn an easy way to save hundreds on your water bill…just by switching out one common bathroom fixture.  Plus answers to your calls about, roof leaks, heating options, failed window seal, mice, vinyl siding, a/c repair, exhaust fans.

Sod Secrets to a Beautiful Lawn, Fixing Rooms that Won’t Heat or Cool and DIY Energy Audits


Is there one area of your home that seems hard to cool and even harder to heat?  Tom & Leslie have advice on split ductless air conditioner technology that may be the solution.  Plus, if you’ve noticed the borders around your lawn, driveway, walk or patio are looking a bit frazzled, there’s a new brick product out on the market that can make that look super sharp in no time.  And with a season change just ahead, do you know the one thing that can help you cut energy costs more than anything else?  It’s getting a home energy audit. Get advice on a no-cost DIY version that’s helped over 9 million homeowners, along with answers to your questions about, animal odors, anchoring furniture, adding a bathroom, drainage, painting a basement floor, staining a porch, removing tiles, eliminating pests.

Stop Deer From Damaging Your Landscape, How to Install Motion Detector Lights and Tips for Picking the Best Grill


 If your yard’s become an all-you-can-eat buffet for deer and wildlife, Tom & Leslie have some humane ideas for stopping all the chomping.  Plus motion detector lights are easy to install, very affordable and can improve your home’s security, we’ll tell you how to get that project done.  And if you’d like to step up to a new BBQ, we’ve got tips on what to look for to help you get the most bang for your buck. Also get the answer to your question about, beetles, painting trim and doors, roof leaks, repointing bricks, split ductless AC units, backyard drainage, solar power options.

Avoiding Summer Storm Damage, Using Reclaimed Wood for Projects and Building Solid Deck Footings


Severe summer storms can strike at any moment, no matter where you are.  Tom & Leslie have tips to help you make sure you’re ready.  Plus, using recycled or “reclaimed” wood for projects is a great idea.  We’ll tell you the best places to find it, and get tips for building solid deck footings. Plus your answers to, refurbishing countertops, painting wallpapered walls, paneling, staining cabinets, ceiling cracks, leaky faucets, eliminating ants, renovate a bathroom, water heaters, cleaning a linoleum floor.

Home Safety for Kids, Handy Tool for Electrical Repairs and Preventing Injuries in the Yard


Just because kids may be old enough to stay home alone, they may not be able to handle a home related emergency.  Tom and Leslie have tips to make sure you and your kids are prepared. Plus, find out what tools you need for basic electrical repairs, and learn how to prevent he most common types of injuries in the yard. Get answers to your calls about, cleaning, grilles, stove tops, asbestos, vinyl fence, solar panels, mold from basement walls, repair kitchen shelving, eliminate bees.