5 Ways to Stop Tomato Hornworms from Wiping Out Your Garden


You may or may not believe in aliens, but many true believers can be found among those who have had a close encounter with the tomato hornworm. While actually a species native to our own planet earth, this frightening green creature can still be shocking to see as it inches around on your tomato plants. Read the full article…

4 Essential Projects for February Weekends

Home Winter Snow

February brings ice, which can accumulate on your roof, causing an ice dam. Clean your gutters, and check your roof for any shingle damage. If you have a steam boiler system, February is a good time to check the steam boiler system and make sure it is working properly. Some home improvement projects may earn you tax credits, and if you have added insulation, replaced windows or added heating and cooling equipment, you may qualify for tax credits. Finally, store firewood away from structures, so you don't invite termites to have a munch fest on your existing structures.

Effective Pesticides to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetle

LESLIE: Hugh in Missouri wants to know about fending off Japanese Beetles. You’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today? HUGH: I have quite a few Japanese beetles that have really attacked my cherry tree and my plum tree and my raspberries and my rose bush. I’ve got rose bushes. I’ve talked Read the full article…

Repelling Woodchucks From Property


TOM: Darlene in New York, with a question about repelling woodchucks, you’re next on The Money Pit. How can we help? DARLENE: Hi. I seem to be having a problem with a woodchuck. It goes from my neighbor’s shed in the backyard to the – to across our yard, into the other yard. TOM: OK. Read the full article…