Best Strategies for Keeping Your Gutters Clean This Fall

Rain Gutter full of leaves

TOM: Autumn leaves may make a mess on your lawn, but they can be an even bigger problem if they clog up your gutters. Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete with today’s Money Pit Home Improvement Minute. TOM: Clogged gutters lead to big problems like cracked foundations and leaking roofs. Prevent expensive Read the full article…

5 Easy Fall Home Improvement Projects

Fall Leaves in Deck

Fall home improvement project ideas to cut energy costs and save energy, and stormproof your house you can do in a weekend or less.

Tax Credit for Home Improvements, Best ROI for Green Upgrades and Fireplace Safety Redo


If you’ve sold your home, closed the deal and handed over the keys, you may think you’re done?  Not quite!  Find out what you have to do AFTER you sell your home to complete the transaction – especially if you’ve made a few home improvements over the years.  Plus, going green at home is a big trend nowadays, but how do you sort the good from the perennially BAD improvements, Tom and Leslie have solutions. And before you start the home fires burning this fall, we’ll have tips on how to make sure your chimney is up for the challenge, along with your calls on, home odors, insulation, painting a front door, faucet replacement, wallpaper removal, leveling a floor, damp crawlspaces.

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture, Finishing an Attic and Avoiding Ladder Injury


Fall is a good time to clean up your outdoor furniture BEFORE you head into hibernation mode for the cold weather ahead.  Tom and Leslie have tips to help you clean and store outdoor furniture.  Plus, Tom Silva from This Old House stops by with advice on a very popular fall project – finishing your attic.  And, get tips on the most common cause of ladder falls – including one simple adjustment that will make sure you come down the ladder with gravity on your side. Plus answers to your questions about, installing a concrete slab, removing popcorn ceiling, replacing an AC unit, electrical wiring, crumbling chimney, deck stains, installing a shower, door repairs.