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changing hvac filter

TOM: For a cozy winter indoors, why not filter out the allergens build-up and grime that reduce energy efficiency? Hi. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete with today’s Money Pit Home Improvement Minute. TOM: This time of year, HVAC systems and appliances get a real workout, thanks to more heating, cooking, and entertaining. Read the full article…

Do I Need a Return Vent For a Whole-House Dehumidifier?


Whole-house dehumidifiers can help keep a basement dry, but they come with drawbacks – and safety hazards.  Discover a crucial snag to look for before buying one.  Plus, get tips for keeping moisture at bay without a whole-house dehumidifier. 

Breathe Easy: Tips to Keep Air Clean in Your House #0417172


TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. TOM: And Happy Earth Day. Can you believe it’s Earth Day weekend, Leslie? It actually hit on a Saturday and Sunday. LESLIE: Well, it’s – the best time to actually Read the full article…

Clean and Healthy Indoor Air? Filter Easy Subscription Makes it Simple | Video

changing hvac filter

It’s important to change your air filters on a regular basis. Unfortunately, finding the right filters and remembering when to change them has always been a hassle. does the work for you. The site helps you find the right size filter for your home, and delivers those filters right to your door, exactly when you need to change them.

Easy Improvements in 30 Minutes or Less, Cutting Down on House Dust and Allergens and How to Plan a New Kitchen


Taking care of your home doesn’t have to mean blocking out the entire weekend – Tom and Leslie have easy 30 minute projects you can take on to make sure your home is set for this season ahead.  Plus, once it comes time to close up your windows and doors for the chilly weather ahead, dust and allergens can begin to build up fast.  Find out the best kind of filter to keep the air clean.  And get tips on the sensible way to planning a new kitchen, along with your calls on, cement bock walls, leaky pipes, venting an attic, treating a deck, carpet installations, door adjustments, cleaning shower doors, attic stairs, 

Best Cattura Downdraft is Powerful, Quiet and Beautiful | Video


When designing a kitchen, it can sometimes feel like you have to choose between looks or performance. Well, now you can have both! Designed for serious cooking, the Cattura downdraft from BEST is as effective as a traditional island range hood but is thin, sleek and retractable.