Fix Squeaky Floors

Squeaky floorboards can be easily fixed. To fix squeaky floorboards, have an assistant walk the floor. When the floor squeaks, tap a glue-coated shim in between the floor and the joist. This should end your squeaky floor problem. Squeaky floors that are carpeted can be fixed by driving a drywall screw into the squeaky floorboard, or by pounding a hot-dipped galvanized finish nail through the carpet floor and into the joist.

Safe Playground Surfaces

Baby playing with electrical extension

Playgrounds should be safe places for kids. But the wrong surfaces can quickly mean tragedy for tots. Playground surfaces made of asphalt are a dangerous thing of the past, but even grass can be too hard to prevent injury to kids. Today, materials like mulch, sand and recycled rubber provide safer alternatives in the very Read the full article…