Milwaukee 12volt Cordless Heated Jacket

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    Summary: This heated jacket was tested by a user in Michigan, one of the coldest states in the union! The battery operated heating system keeps the wearer comfortable in the coldest weather. The battery is contained in a zippered pocket. There are 3 different levels of heat. To get more great tool reviews, visit

    BARNABY: Hey, it’s Barnaby here. You want to know more about the Milwaukee heated jacket? I can tell you it runs on a 12 volt red lithium ion battery platform, it has three different settings and it should go about six hours, according to the manufacturer, on one charge. What we’d like to do with products like this is put them in the hands of real people to figure out how they work in life. In this case, it was Dina. And we’re gonna ask you four specific questions about the performance, about the design, the quality and the value. First, an extra question is, what do you do in life?

    DINA: I am a handy-ma’am of light home repairs and maintenance. My business is Double D Repair.

    BARNABY: You’ve used it for a couple of weeks. Here in Michigan, it’s getting increasingly colder, right? Let’s talk about how it works.

    DINA: This morning, it was 27 degrees cold, and I was outside for about three hours working on a job, and I found myself to be comfortable.

    BARNABY: Under usual circumstances, it’s bundling up with a Carhartt and things like that.

    DINA: Yes, many layers.

    BARNABY: Let’s talk about turning it on. How do you do that?

    DINA: There is a button control here, you hold it down to turn it on and then you hold it down to shut it off.

    BARNABY: So once on, it’s got three temperature settings.

    DINA: Correct.

    BARNABY: Could you notice a big difference in between each one?

    DINA: I never tried the other settings, to be honest. I kept it very warm, and I was very comfortable . When you don’t even think about “I’m cold”, you know the jacket’s working.

    BARNABY: It worked well?

    DINA: Yes.

    BARNABY: Now, let’s talk about the design of the jacket.

    DINA: We can start with the battery. It’s in the back here, in a zippered little pouch. It doesn’t get in the way when you’re working, but I noticed, when I got in my vehicle, it was in the way, so you just disconnect.

    BARNABY: It’s in the back there?

    DINA: It is, where your kidney would be.

    BARNABY: I was reading it says it’s wind resistant and water resistant. Did you feel like anything was whipping through on you?

    DINA: As soon as you put it on, you notice that you were comfortable. Even on warmer days, where you would need a windbreaker, it’s a comfortable jacket for that. Being that it was 27 degrees this morning, I wanted heat, and I did wear a hooded jacket with it. It was very comfortable for me. My feet got cold. I had to put warmer boots on, but this, once I had everything on and in place, I was outside for three hours and wouldn’t have noticed.

    BARNABY: That you were cold?

    DINA: I wasn’t.

    BARNABY: When you have wires in something, I wonder about the design when it comes to washing it. What do you do there?

    DINA: It does say to hand wash. Do you take a chance?

    BARNABY: No, you follow directions. It’s got wires in it, after all. Then hang dry it?

    DINA: Correct.

    BARNABY: Did you like the color? It is Milwaukee’s trademark color.

    DINA: Okay, the only thing is it does show dirt. If all you gotta complain about is the color, you’re just fine. If they ever decide to go a dark color, I understand it’s in camo.

    BARNABY: We’ve got the perform, the design. Let’s talk about the quality. We buy clothes and think “How long is this gonna last? What’s your perception of that?
    DINA: I feel it’s a decently made jacket. It’s double-stitched around the cuffs. The zipper, it looks like they took the time to keep the threads away so that there’s nothing in the way stopping a zipper for motion.

    BARNABY: It’s got a softer material around the collar and in there, too.

    DINA: It’s kind of a fleece-spandex.

    BARNABY: Good design cues. What about the value of the jacket? You could go with the old Carhartts or you could buy a jacket that’s battery-powered.

    DINA: They make jackets that have a liner in it, your Carhartts and your long underwear and your turtleneck shirt or invest.

    BARNABY: If somebody came to you and asked for a recommendation, what would you say?

    DINA: Definitely. In fact, I’ve had people come up to me and ask about the jacket already. A lot of hunters are looking for a jacket like this, or somebody that’s gonna spend 3, 6, 8 hours outside, they can just charge a battery after 6 hours and you’re warm.

    BARNABY: It’s good to know because a lot of people come in search of information about products, and they think “Is that the one for me?” We heard from Dina, and we would also like to hear from you. If you own a jacket like this, become a member of Tell us what you think about the product or about any tool in your garage because that’s what we’re here for. Real stats, real people making it real easy to figure out which tool is right for the job.

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