CommunityWhat Color Should I Paint Beams on White Ceiling?

What Color Should I Paint Beams on White Ceiling?

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I have a 31-year old old rancher and am looking for some color advice from Leslie.  Here's the challenge: My den has a vaulted ceiling with exposed styrofoam beams. They are painted black and the ceiling is white. The wall paneling is “hawthorne yellow,” and the trim is white.

I'd like to paint the styrofoam beams a color other than black.  What would be a different color that would go with the yellow and white for nice results? I have hardwood floors if you need to factor that in.  Thanks for any ideas!

The Money Pit Answer
Your room sounds lovely, and I have a few ideas for adding to the loveliness: Since your beams are foam, painting them a solid color is a missed opportunity to add character to your space.  If I were you, I'd go with a faux finish technique - a base coat with a topcoat grained over it to make it look like a pickled wood or a limed wood.  Or you could finish it in darker tones to give the impression of grain and an aging effect.  An approach along these lines will make it more of a neutral to add antique-y texture.  I almost always suggest mixing different periods of things, like a worn finish amidst contemporary pieces, to make a room more interesting. Another option is a crackle coat to give an aging effect - all paint manufacturers make a crackle base.  Whichever route you take, think about putting a deeper, warmer tone on first, followed by a lighter, more antique-y tone on top.  It'll add texture and richness.  But whatever you do, avoid a solid color - that would be a missed opportunity for your high ceiling space!  Foam can look shockingly realistic if you treat it the right way.