Man Builds House from 1.4 Billion in Cash: The Ultimate Money Pit!


House of MoneyYou may put a lot of money into your home, but how about building a home out of money? According to, an artist in Dublin, Ireland, has done it, using 1.4 billion in decommissioned euros to create a three-room apartment in the lobby of his studio.

Frank Buckley obtained two trailer loads’ worth of euros from a local mint, for nothing but his signature on a ream of paperwork. The decommissioned, shredded euros come in brick form—perfect for building what turns out to be a well-insulated, statement-making dwelling. Buckley estimates that each brick contains about 50,000 former euros, adding up to a grand total of 1.4 billion ($1.8 billion) once the living room, bedroom and bath were completed. His most major project cost so far has been about 35 euros ($46) for wallpaper.

Buckley’s installation hasn’t just been his actual home since December—it’s also a personal statement on the European credit crisis. The swift rise and fall of the construction business has played a central role in Ireland’s economic troubles, and Buckley wanted to address the value of currency itself through a home truly made of money.

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