Create a Light Source Where You Have No Window

Window Light Ever wish you could create a light source where you have no window?  Well, you can!  Here is a great idea for anyone who wishes they could have a window over their kitchen sink or anywhere else, but can’t – for example, maybe it’s not an exterior wall.  Here’s a simple project that create a light source where none existed:

Start with a light box the size of your desired “window”.  You can make your own light box using simple wood scraps, nails and glue.  Decorative wood molding adds a personalized touch. 

Install a fluorescent light source inside your box — compact fluorescent light bulbs are perfect because they produce very little heat but they offer a bright light. 

Instead of a pane of glass, slip in a transparent photo of your favorite view, or create a piece of stained glass artwork that will be showcased by the light from behind it.

Window LightPresto!  You’ve got a room with a view!  And best of all, you’ve just created a bright, sunny light source where you have no window. 

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