Bug Off, 2010!: Putting the Pest Behind Us

2010 saw some stubborn insect infestations in the United States, from bedbugs to the dreaded stinkbug.  But will last year’s pests bug us for yet another year?  Look out for the return of these guys, who took the top prizes for unwelcome guests in 2010:

Bedbugs.  Bedbugs popped up all over the United States in 2010 – not just in residential and hotel beds, but in soft surfaces from movie theatre seats to designer underwear. 

Stinkbugs.  In 1998, brown marmorated stinkbugs were found in Pennsylvania, and have since spread to 25 other states.  They smell unpleasant when crushed, and destroy crops.

Emerald Ash Borers.  Most of North America’s ash trees are under serious threat by these little buggers.  They’re already killed more than 100 million ash trees in the United States alone.

Asian Longhorned Beetles.  These pesky buggers are on the road to making New England’s entire popular of sugar maples extinct.

Citrus Lice.  They’re tiny, but Asian Citrus Psyllids are also the bane of the orange farmer’s existing, as they attack and ruin the citrus crop.

Grasshoppers.  The American west was invaded by crop-destroying grasshoppers during the summer of 2010, prompting the federal government to approve $11 million in emergency aid.

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