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    LESLIE: Lucy in New Jersey’s dealing with a flooring issue. What’s going on at your money pit?

    LUCY: Yes, I’m thinking about buying a carriage (ph) house and investing a little bit more than a usual one and I would like very much to have your expertise on whether I should put a concrete slab there first and then put the shed on top of it.

    TOM: OK, you’re talking about a shed that looks like – not an entire house, right? (chuckling) Just a shed.

    LUCY: No, no, dear. No …

    TOM: OK.

    LUCY: … it’s like 8×10, I think.

    TOM: If you could, I would definitely pour a slab because these sheds, these prebuilt sheds, can go right on the ground, but it’s not nearly as nice as if you can have a cement slab. So if you want to spend a little bit of money, I think it’s a good idea to put in a 10×10 cement slab.

    LUCY: Yes.

    TOM: But listen, Lucy, before you do that you’d better make sure that you’re not violating any zoning restrictions because sometimes there’s zoning laws about how many of those and how much of that you can put on your property, if at all, and how close it can be to a property line. So before you order this thing, go down to your local, you know, municipal hall; talk with a zoning official or whoever’s in charge there and make sure it’s OK for you to do that. Make sure you get a permit, too, because if you do this and you don’t have a permit they could make you take it out.

    LUCY: Yes, and then there’s usually a fine, too, on top of it.

    TOM: Yeah, and we don’t want to have to bail you out of jail now, Lucy.

    LUCY: (chuckling) Aren’t you wonderful? Yeah. Thank you so much.

    LESLIE: And Tom is near by to you so (Tom chuckles), you could call him for that.

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