Energy Efficiency Testing in New Homes

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    Energy Efficiency Testing in New Homes

    TOM: If you’re planning to buy a new home, four questions can help identify if the builder will create a home that’s energy efficient, or one that will be wasting energy for as long as you own it. This podcast will show you tips for performing energy efficiency testing in new homes. Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler.

    LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete with today’s Money Pit home improvement minute. First, ask your builder for the home’s H-E-R-S, or HERs, index score. This industry standard can help measure the home efficiency, with the lower number representing a more efficient building.

    TOM: Next, find out if the home will be Energy Star-rated. Energy Star homes are built to be at least 30 percent more efficient than average new homes.

    LESLIE: Also, ask if your home will be sufficiently insulated for your climate zone. The U.S. is divided into eight zones, each with its own guidelines. Many new homes don’t meet those required insulation levels.

    TOM: Finally, find out if your home will be built to weather a storm. Although not required, homes built to meet the industry standard Miami-Dade County requirements will handle just about anything that Mother Nature can dish out.

    I’m Tom Kraeutler.

    LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. For more Money Pit home improvement tips, visit

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