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Who Do I Ask???

Yes..I live in a money pit. Home built in 1984..self built with boyfriend.  Now years later and I have the house it needs WORK.  Everything from insulation to drywall to roofing repairs.  But as long as I am going to do all that..I am hoping to make some remodel changes..very simple ones.

Whom do I speak with?? Architecs are too $$$$.  Do I go to a designer..or what???

I Live in Anchorage Alaska.  Love the show…Whenever my roof leaks or something breaks I can't help but sing “I Live in a money pit” lol

Thanks for your time

Mickey B

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

Ideally an architect is the person you should consult with but if money is tight, have you thought about using one of the HGTV's design programs for your computer?  While these are not ideal, it will get your ideas down on paper with what your final result would end up being. Then armed with that information contact any local building contractor with your plan and they can help start you off on the road to make it your dream home.


The biggest hurdle people have is not having that plan in place. They oftentimes begin with good intentions and begin to stray off track as more and more issues crop up during the rebuilding process.


If your going to do a lot of the work yourself to save money, you need to break the jobs down in such a way that no one job will overwhelm you and cause you to loose interest.  Also its very important that you do jobs in the right order. While it may seem like some tasks are not getting you anywhere many are required to keep the job running smooth. 


As an instance of what I mean.  If you were planning to do a 2nd floor bathroom in a few years, but really want the kitchen done now, Think of any pipes or wires that may be needed upstairs while you have the kitchen torn apart that could be "roughed In" before you close the walls back up. Same goes with heating and cooling systems.   Do you need to upgrade your power when your all done? It may make more sense to install that new panel now, so when your putting the power in for your new kitchen or what ever it is you want to do, your putting this in the new panel instead of doing that job twice. Once in the old then again when you change it out. 


Most building contractors will be able to provide you with drawings as you need them for projects. Township inspectors also will allow owners of their homes do draw them themselves.


The bottom line is put exactly what you want on paper and create a long and short term plan before you begin.