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How to Restore a Worn Deck

I had my deck restained a couple years ago and now the deck surface looks really dried out and seems like it is starting to warp. It is just the deck floor not the rails or spindles. Would power washing and restaining help or do I need to replace the deck floor?

The Money Pit Answer

All wood decks need to be stained on a regular basis, perhaps every 2 to 3 years. If this hasn't been done, that's the reason it's dried and cracked. One option you have is to take the badly damaged boards and flip them over. The other side hasn't been exposed to the sun so it should be in better shape.

Power washing is not a solution for a worn deck; it should only be done if the deck is very dirty or stained. Otherwise, you can just clean the deck, strip the old deck finish and restain it.

Another option if the deck is badly damaged is to replace the boards with composite decking. Composite doesn't need the same kind of maintenance that wood decking does, and you can install composite decking over the existing structure of your deck.

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Cormac84 answered 4 years ago

Wood decking is a beautiful and also a very practical thing and can really add to a home’s desirability. However, due to the positioning of decking it tends to get a lot of sunlight and weather elements and so it needs to be cared for, lest it looks worn and dried out.

There are two ways to treat the decking. Firstly, you can use a water based stain this will resist mildew and algae stains. Alternatively, a semi-transparent stain also helps and adds colour, but still allows the grain of the wood to be seen.
Ideally, treat the wood deck when there will be three days dryness in a row and the temperature is between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Remove all furniture and items from the decking and the areas that are rough with sandpaper. 80 grit should be ideal. Use a power hose to wash the debris from the decking. If there are items between the boards, use a putty knife for removal.

• Now, use a bucket of laundry detergent and scrub the area with a brush and then rinse with clean water. If the decking is really stained hire a pressure washer with a 25 degree nozzle. This reduces the need for chemicals.

• Use painter’s tape to cordon off the area around the decking and place a drop cloth beneath. The tape and the cloth will protect the surrounding area from the stain.

• Stir the stain in its can and then place it in a tray. Place the roller in the stain and begin to apply it on the decking, thinly. Begin at one end of the deck and work towards the other. This is best done two to three boards at a time. When this dries repeat this step again.

• When you have applied two coats then leave the decking to dry for a day or so before placing furniture and other items back on it.

Your decking will now be dry and the whole area should look great again.