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Geothermal Heating for Personal Residence

Is geothermal heating a good idea for a 1,500 sq ft home? My oil fired baseboard heating system is about 10 years old but with the cost of oil at $3.60 per gallon (and rising) I'm looking for a more efficient alternative for the long term. Thanks, mark

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

Geo Thermal systems are very good. For each $1 spent you get up to $5 back in energy.  However they are very expensive to install. Water Furnace which is the brand that we handle is one of the best on the market. But looking at upwards of $50,000 to install this combined with insulation and air sealing to make the home efficient,  you can purchase a whole lot of oil for that amount of money.


My suggestion is to consider having your home Audited by a BPI professional.  These people are trained in finding why your home cost so much to heat and cool, but they can assist you in choosing the proper equipment needed to archive these goals.  They understand all the government rebate programs both federal and state.  This would be my first step in improving the bottom line at the end of the month in your home.