Tile Covering for Decks
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    LESLIE: Laura in South Carolina, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    LAURA: We have a deck on the back of our house that we, about two years ago, put a product on it that makes it like an anti-slip texture? And the coating is starting to chip off in big chunks, so we were thinking about using that DECKOVER or OVERDECK, I think it’s called?

    And when we were at Home Depot, we noticed that they have something else that was an option. They’re actually foot-squared tiles. They’re like a thick rubber that you actually use a glue to adhere onto the deck and then you cover your deck that way. My concern is if you apply that onto the deck, will that rot the wood?

    TOM: Well, Laura, I’m not familiar with rubber tiles but there are polypropylene tiles or plastic tiles or composite tiles that are on the market that are designed to cover old decks. And the way these work is they sit on top of the deck boards and they usually lock together. And some of them are quite attractive. There’s a product called Coverdeck that comes in dozens of different colors and shapes and designs that could look really neat. And it’s not going to be slippery and it’s going to look great.

    I am concerned if you’re gluing something down to the wood deck, I agree that something like rubber glued to wood is bound to let some water underneath and it’s certainly not going to evaporate. These composite tiles or the plastic tiles usually have a bit of space under them which allows the wood to breathe and dry out. And then really, that’s the issue: if you hold water against it, you will get decay.

    So I would take a look at some of the tile products for decks and avoid tile that’s not manufactured exclusively for decks, or anything that’s rubbery that you’re going to glue down.

    LAURA: OK. So the glue is OK as long as there’s a gap or some sort of gap between the wood?

    TOM: It’s OK to cover it as long as there’s air space so it dries out.

    LAURA: OK, perfect. Alright. Thank you.

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