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    LESLIE: Rocky in Washington is doing a kitchen upgrade. How can we help you with that project?

    ROCKY: Yes, we installed new cabinets and granite countertops in our kitchen. I reinstalled the appliances but the dishwasher has two mounting tabs along the top, designed to screw into like a wood-surface counter.
    TOM: Yep.
    ROCKY: And I’m trying to attach that to my granite countertop. I tried putting a dab of silicone on each one and then clamping it but that only lasted for about a week, so I came to you.
    TOM: OK. Yeah. So the question is, “How do I drill a granite countertop?” and the answer is very carefully. (Leslie chuckles) You do need to drill into the top and then what happens is you will epoxy in a plug, essentially, that’s of a softer material that can actually take the screw. Now, you know, if you were to drill in there, for example, and then epoxy in a wood plug, then you could screw into the wood plug and that’s basically what you do.
    But drilling into this has to be done very, very, very, very carefully. You need a masonry bit. You need a depth stop, so that you don’t go too deep. And although, typically, when you use a masonry bit, you use a masonry drill that vibrates, in this case I wouldn’t; I’d be very, very careful about it.
    LESLIE: (overlapping voices) Yeah, don’t want it to chip it away.
    TOM: By the way, who put the countertop in for you?
    ROCKY: A gentleman from another town, that we hired. We hired both the cabinets and the countertops installed and I’m just (inaudible at 0:13:01.2).
    TOM: (overlapping voices) Right. Any chance you can get them to come back and do this for you; perhaps when they’re in the area? Because these guys do it all the time.
    ROCKY: Possibly, because we’re talking about putting in one of those wireless switches for the garbage disposal anyway.
    TOM: Alright. I would definitely recommend you go back to the installer because you’ve got a beautiful and very expensive countertop and, although you may be able to do this successfully, one false move is going to make your wife hate you. (Rocky and Leslie laugh) OK.
    ROCKY: Yeah?
    TOM: So just to keep the peace, I’d get a pro in there for this one. Because although it’s not complicated, if you screw it up, it’s going to be a big problem.
    ROCKY: Alright. I appreciate your information.
    TOM: Alright. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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