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Remove Rust Stains from a Concrete Driveway

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    LESLIE: Judy in Nebraska listens on KFOR. And what can we help you with?

    JUDY: Well, we had done – or had some shingling done and had a roll-off on our driveway. And when they took the roll-off away it left a great big rust area. And we wondered how we can get that rust spot off our driveway.

    LESLIE: Well, good news is it’s a newer stain so it hasn’t had really a lot of time to sort of saturate into that concrete and really permeate and stick well. One, really, thing that we like to recommend is something called TSP, which is trisodium phosphate. And you get it in the painting aisle at the home center. Sometimes it’s in the cleaning aisle. And basically it’s like a soapy solution that you mix up. And you want to mix it to almost like a paste-like consistency. And then put it down on the stain on the concrete and let it sit for a little while. Let it do it’s job. And then lightly pressure wash it away. And if you’ve got some stubborn areas, you can use a – you know, softly use a wire brush. That should get rid of it.

    JUDY: And is it a liquid itself or you mix it with water?

    TOM: It’s a powder. And you can sort of add a little liquid and convert it to a paste and then just sort of trowel it on or put it on real thick. You’re going to want to wear gloves because it’s going to really be annoying to your hands.

    LESLIE: Well, it’s a chemical.

    TOM: Yeah. Put it on there and let it sit and you’ll see that it’ll kind of lift the rust off.

    LESLIE: I mean it really works so effectively with rust stains.

    TOM: Yeah, it really does.

    JUDY: Thanks. Alright, well thanks. I’ll try that.

    TOM: You’re welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 

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