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Rain Handler Drainage Solution

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    LESLIE: Lynn in Nevada is dealing with an unwanted pool in front of his house. (chuckles) What’s going on, Lynn?

    LYNN: I have a pool-of-water problem every year in front of my house. Fortunately, I don’t have a basement but I have a concrete slab. I’m not anxious to put up gutters because of the ice and snow and, if I do put up gutters, I’d have to put up [some safety nets] (ph). And I want to keep it simple and I thought of the possibility of doing a linear – some (inaudible at 0:17:26.3)-type drains that go across people’s driveways sometimes. 

    TOM: Yeah.
    LYNN: And I have a slope off the front of my house, so I could carry the water away from my house down.
    TOM: So you’re talking about a curtain drain. Now, the thing is that’s not going to stop water from eroding that area. You know, putting all that water against the foundation is not good for it either. There’s another option. It’s called a rain handler. Have you ever heard of this?
    LYNN: No, I have not. Rain handler.
    TOM: OK, rain handler. And what it is, it’s a configuration of a piece of metal that is mounted to your fascia and it takes the water that runs off your roof and disperses it into droplets.
    LESLIE: It’s like a louvered panel of metal blades. It almost looks like a blind.
    TOM: Yeah. And it hangs off the edge of the roof. Go to RainHandler.com. If you have a basement, I still prefer gutters because it gets the water away. But in your situation, you don’t have a basement, what this would do is disperse the water into a much wider pattern so it’s not likely to pool in front of your house; which is the issue you’re trying to deal with. I think this could be your solution
    LYNN: OK, thank you very much, Tom, Leslie. Thank you very much.
    TOM: You’re welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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