iQ Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Offer High Performance With a Reduced Carbon Footprint

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    Summary: Learn about iQ, a great green way to clean your home without the harmful chemicals, packaging waste or carbon footprint of other brands. Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit shows you how to cut cleaning costs with this innovative product.

    TOM: Hey. It’s Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit to tell you about a new product out on the market that I think is a really neat new green cleaner.

    It’s from iQ Cleaners. It’s a non-toxic cleaner. What’s unique about this is if you think about most cleaning products, they’re 95% water and 5% solution, and very expensive to ship. They’re also very wasteful but why pay to ship that water to your house?

    These guys have a much better idea. They combine a concentrated refill cartridge with a cleaning solution in it with water that you provide yourself. You buy the starter kit, which consists of this bottle, and you add a cartridge to it. Then as you actually tighten it up, what happens is it releases the solution into the water.

    After just a couple of minutes, you end up with 24 ounces of cleaning solution that’s a lot less expensive because you didn’t have to pay to ship it all the way to your house. It’s completely non-toxic as well.

    It’s been third-party tested. If you’re wondering about performance, well don’t wonder. It’s really terrific. It does a good job. It’s available for glass. It’s available for all purpose versions. It does good for counter tops, things like that, and also there’s a bathroom version.

    It’s a really neat, inventive idea which actually reduces your carbon footprint by about 70%. It reduces the plastic waste by about 80%. It’s really a good opportunity save some money and get a product that works very, very well.

    When I say, “save money,” I really do mean that, because the starter kit, which is the bottle and the cartridge, is less than $4, and the cartridge itself is only $2.29 — less when you buy them in bulk.

    It’s a great opportunity for you to save some money and get a cleaner that works. You can get the all-purpose cleaner, the glass cleaner and the bathroom cleaner. It has got a great fragrance selection: green tea, bamboo berry and nectarine plum.

    It works very well. It’s got no ammonia, no bleach, or no harmful cleaning agents whatsoever. In fact it uses a corn or coconut-based surfactant and the bath cleaner uses a sugar-based acid to break down soap scum.

    It’s available at and at and at grocery retailers. You can visit iQclean for more information.

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