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Get Rid of Ants

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    LESLIE: Heading over to Illinois; Theresa, you’ve got The Money Pit. What can we do for you today?

    THERESA: We have a problem with ants and recently we’ve had a lot of rain and we just see them coming into our house and I’ve sprayed and in the past that seemed to take care of them but now they just keep finding different ways to come in and I don’t know if we should start looking at getting someone in here to take care of that professionally or if it might just be the weather is driving them in or if you have any suggestions.

    TOM: You know, it sounds like the ants really like your house, Theresa. (Leslie chuckles) What are you serving there?

    THERESA: (inaudible at 0:14:31.3)

    LESLIE: (chuckling) Stop making it so inviting.

    THERESA: Yeah. (chuckles) Not good.

    TOM: If you’re really being overrun with them, the best thing for you to do is to have a professional come in and put the appropriate product down. Because if you continue to use over-the-counter products, you’re going to probably over-apply them and that actually can be less safe than having a pro come in that knows just the right product, to put it down once, put it down right and not put it down again. And that’s the best way to get long-term satisfaction. Plus, many of the insecticides that go down today basically create barriers where these things won’t come back. I mean they affect just the insect they’re designed to affect and they’re very social systems, in the sense that once they get on one insect they pass to the other and pretty much wipes out the entire infestation.

    LESLIE: Yeah, and a pro is going to know exactly where to look for wherever this ant nest might be; where they’re coming from; where they’re coming into. So they’re going to know the tricks of the trade to sort of help you stop it once and for all.

    THERESA: OK, and so like this time of year would be a good time to do that? I didn’t know if in the spring would be better or just as soon as possible might be good.

    TOM: It depends. Do you want to live with them all winter long? (Leslie chuckles)

    THERESA: So as soon as possible is what you’re saying? OK. (Theresa chuckles)

    LESLIE: (chuckling) Yes.

    TOM: (laughs) I’d get right to it. Theresa, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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