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    LESLIE: Lane in Arkansas is looking to do some countertop updates with a cement countertop. How can we help you with that project?

    LANE: I’ve been wanting to get granite countertops forever and I can’t really afford it, being a single dad and paying the mortgage and everything. So, I was looking at the concrete method. I’ve watched some YouTube videos about building concrete countertops and I really like how it looks, because it looks a lot like the granite.

    And my question kind of – or is it pretty simple for a guy that knows a lot – not a lot about concrete but a little about it? And the edging stuff that they sell on websites, do you need to buy that or can – is there a way that you can do it with just normal wood, where you can form it up yourself?

    TOM: So, first of all, concrete countertops are beautiful but they’re a lot of work to build, as you’ve learned if you’ve watched all of those YouTube videos, which I commend you for doing.

    In terms of the edging, you certainly – having those tools certainly makes it a lot easier. But if you’re crafty, you probably could make your own edging tools to get an acceptable edge to that concrete surface.

    LANE: OK.

    TOM: The good news is that the material itself is fairly inexpensive. So if you really screw it up, you could break it up, throw it in the garden and start again.

    LANE: Right.

    TOM: But the key is really the prep and making sure that you’ve got the form built correctly and you’re totally ready to go, you know exactly what you’re going to do once you start to pour in that concrete. Because you don’t get a second chance.

    LANE: Would you recommend a certain type of concrete?

    TOM: QUIKRETE makes a commercial-grade countertop mix.

    LANE: Alright.

    TOM: So I would just go buy that.

    LANE: OK.

    TOM: You could pick that up at a home center/hardware store and just go for that.

    LANE: Well, that sounds good.

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