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Appliance Repair, Parts and Solutions

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    LESLIE: Linda in Arizona has got an issue with the stove. Tell us what’s going on.

    LINDA: I have an electric range and I had a recent power outage. And when the electric came back on, the top of the range worked – the burners – but the oven does not. And the little, lighted keypad on top? That does not come on.

    TOM: Hmm. That doesn’t sound good.

    LESLIE: Sounds like there was a short somewhere.

    TOM: Yeah, it does sound like a problem with the control circuit. I’d be concerned about that. You’re getting some burners that work and some that don’t. You didn’t take it apart? Like nothing was cleaned or …?

    LINDA: No, nothing. But the entire top works; all the burners work.

    TOM: Right.

    LINDA: So, because that happened – you know, the outage – I was thinking maybe there’s a reset button somewhere but I can’t find it.

    TOM: No, I’m not aware of any reset buttons on electric ranges.

    LINDA: OK. So it’s just a short somewhere.

    TOM: Yeah. I think that there’s – I think there’s a problem with the range. Was there – was it a storm-related thing? Did you have a lightning or electrical storm that could have caused some damage?

    LINDA: No, there was nothing like that. It just went out and then after a short while, it came back on again.

    TOM: So the power in the entire house went out. Were you using the range at the same time?

    LINDA: No. No, I wasn’t even here but yeah, the entire house went out.

    LESLIE: Weird.

    TOM: That is very strange.

    LESLIE: I mean I would start by reaching out to the manufacturer just to see what the steps might be to repair something like this, because it could be something that they might service free of charge or have a recommendation or know of this reset.

    We had a power outage and I happened to be using the dryer and I guess there was a surge and it completely fried the entire dryer, because the surge happened while the dryer was in operation. And that was it; dryer in the garbage.

    TOM: There’s also an excellent repair site for appliances that has experts and all the parts that you need to fix things. It’s called RepairClinic.com. They’ve been around for a long time; a very good site. Great information there and they sell all of the parts that you might need to make repairs and have the advice to actually install them, too.

    LINDA: OK. Well, I’ll give them a try. That will tell me what I need, I guess.

    TOM: Alright. Good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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