Power Outage Safety Tips

When a power outage occurs, life as you knew it takes some twists and turns.  Here are some safety tips to keep in mind to make sure you get through a blackout safely:

Drive with Care – Traffic lights won’t work during a power outage. Remember, safety first and slow down. Consider all the intersections a four-way stop and be conscious of the other cars on the road.

Power Down – Turn off appliances and don’t restart them until the electricity has been restored for at least 30 minutes, so the utility company can stabilize the power grid and avoid another blackout.

Fresh Food – Avoid opening your refrigerator during a power outage. Eat food from the refrigerator first and the freezer next. Frozen food can last for several days.

Poison Prevention – To prevent becoming a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning, never run a gas-powered generator indoors or in an open garage. For your safety, avoid cooking with charcoal or propane in any enclosed area.

Safe Lights  – Don’t use candles when a blackout occurs. Invest in a few good quality flashlights and replace the batteries often so you can see when a blackout occurs.

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