Repairing Cracks in Walls and Ceilings

How to make wall or ceiling cracks disapear

Finding cracks in the wall or ceiling of your older home can be an unsightly annoyance. Wall and ceiling cracks are usually a function of age and movement of the home rather than a sign of a real structural problem. As it ages, a home settles, and resulting wall or ceiling cracks are normal. A plain patch or just spackle will fall out because it can't fill the crack and hold the gap. 

The best way for a homeowner to fix a wall or ceiling crack is to use a strong perforated drywall tape. This type has large squares and almost looks like netting. Apply this first to bridge the gap in the crack. Smooth a generous amount of spackle or mud over the wall or ceiling crack.  Once the area is dry, it can be sanded and then repainted. 

Nail pops are another unsightly wall and ceiling blemish that is easy to fix. Nail pops result from a nail that has loosened. Simply tap it in and drive a new nail next to it. Spackle the area, smooth and allow it to dry well. Sand and then touch up the area. Your walls and ceiling cracks will be gone and the surfaces will look like new.