How to Solve Basement Flooding

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About a month ago, we had a hurricane sweep though area and the basement apartment in our home has now developed a massive leak. The water coming into the basement apartment is on 1 side of a wall and we have put in new gutters with downspouts extended 3ft away from foundation. Water, however, is still coming into the basement apartment. We have been advised by 2 contractors to have the basement waterproofed but I can't completely trust their opinions because they want the job. Estimates for waterproofing are over $6000 and I have been unemployed for over a year. We do NOT have this kind of money to spend to dig into the ground around the basement to search for a foundation crack that may not even be there, but need the basement apartment as income or we will lose our home. We can afford for $1000 to have the soil slope away from the foundation but I know also if we take the easy way out we can have a more expensive problem later.  The water that seeps in is NOT muddy so I don't think we have a foundation crack. Is there a way to know for sure that there is a foundation crack without going through the expense of digging around the foundation to search for a foundation crack? Can the problem be fixed by just having the soil slope away from the foundation?