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Getting Building Permits for Remodeling Projects

Getting building permits for your remodeling project can be the trickiest and most overlooked part of the remodeling process.  But beware: if a contractor asks you to get building permits yourself, consider it a red flag, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)....

Bathroom Remodeling

The best and most valuable home improvements will reward your investments of money and time with higher home value now and at the time you sell your home. In each of the past 15 years, over one million homeowners spent more than $10,000 on a kitchen, bath or other major remodeling project,...


April showers won't just bring May flowers, but leaking wet basements too if homeowners don't maintain good outside drainage conditions. Wet basements are one of life's biggest headaches, yet waterproofing is generally easy to accomplish.

When basements leak, people panic. The trouble,...

Chimney Repair and Cleaning

When temperatures drop, it's time to think about getting your house ready for winter. A good place to start is by reviewing your chimney for any repair or cleaning it may need.

Often neglected, chimneys are a vital part of a home's structure and mechanical functioning. If a chimney is not...

Energy Saving Ideas and Tips for Under $50

Saving energy is always in season, and there are many energy saving home improvements you can make that amp up efficiency without costing a bundle. Here are five easy energy saving tips for your home to-do list.

Don't wait to insulate: Most homes in America, even those that are just a few...

Finance and Home Loans
Dear Tom and Leslie: 

Where can I find helpful online home improvement calculators for my upcoming projects? I’d like to bulk up my “favorites” list so that I’m prepared?