Tip for Wet Basements

removing efflorescence from walls
Are you seeing water droplets on your basement walls? It’s a fairly common issue. Learn what causes basement condensation and how to prevent it.

If you have a wet basement – and the problem is especially bad in the wet, spring months – it could very well be a simple fix.  Poor drainage is the number one and frequently ONLY cause of a wet basement.  You need to make sure your gutters and clear of debris.

Properly designed gutters should have at least one downspout for every 600 – 800 square feet of roof surface.  Also make sure all of your downspouts are depositing water well away from the foundation – at least four to six feet.  Make sure the ground around your foundation slopes away from it.  And don’t get taken by panic peddlers – those who will tell you an expensive water proofing system is the only way to dry out your wet basement.

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