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Should I Replace My Roof Before Adding Solar Panels?

I have asphalt shingles on my home that are 30 years old.  I have no leaks – just some moss/mildew on the current shingles as I live in a moist environment (Hawaii).  I am considering putting solar panels on the roof and have been advised to re-roof beforehand due to the roof’s age.

The roofer I consulted advised me that I could save money by simply covering the existing shingles with a layer of new asphalt shingles.  Is this advisable? What do you suggest?

The Money Pit Answer

Congratulations on adding solar to your home!  Especially in a tropical area of intense sun like the one where you live, you'll certainly take advantage of all the power you'll collect.  That said, given the fact that your roof is 30 years old, it is extremely wise to replace it as opposed to simply adding a second layer of shingles.  Remove and replace the existing roof entirely.  By adding a second layer, you'll only accelerate deterioration - and replacing that roof becomes an even bigger headache once the solar panels are installed.  Good luck!

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