CommunityInherited House. Do I Dump It or Get It Fixed It?

Inherited House. Do I Dump It or Get It Fixed It?

I have inherited a house recently. It has not been occupied in over 5 years and wasn't “Properly closed up”. Water was turned off, but no antifreeze in system. Found a crack in the toilet tank, possibly water froze in it and cracked it. Questionable electricity in 2 rooms (Breakers on but no juice in outlets). Unsure about heat/hot water yet as the gas isn't turned on yet. Historically there has been water in the basement. Floors, walls, and ceilings look good, No leaks. Roof has 3 layers on it 

Where do I start, I'm not a handy person, and don't have much money of my own to put into the home.

The Money Pit Answer
Wow, its never a bad thing when you inherit a house, even if it is a real life Money Pit!  None of the things you mention are insurmountable.  If the basic foundation and framing and roof are intact, then everyhting else is fixable.    Now, even though these things can be fixed, its also a question of economics, skills and time.  If these projects are too much for you, you could consider seling the home "as is" but don't give it away. These problems you mentioned are entirely repairable and for far less than the value of the home.  Even the wet basement!