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How to Install Tile Flooring Properly

I am planning to install a tile floor in my home, in the past i've either installed the tile right over the sub floor or put down backerboard and then tile on top of that with good results either way.  Websites I have researched recomend putting down thinset between the backerboard and the sub-floor and taping and thinsetting the the seams.  Is there any advantage to this?  What's your opinion?

The Money Pit Answer
Generally speaking, the more solid the sub floor , the longer it will last.  This is especially true with bigger tiles, where there will be more movement in the tile.  If I was following this method, I would re-nail or re-screw the subfloor to secure it, then apply backerboard, then thinset when setting tile.  If you have the time and inclination, the absolute best way to insall tile is over a mud floor.   In this case, apply tar paper then wire mesh, then a mix of sand and Portland cement.  (The ratio is 20 shovels of sand to one bag of Portland cement.)  Trowel this mixture out perfectly flat - then tile using quality tile adhesive.  This method is especially helpful if floor is not level.