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How to Attach Towel Bar Securely to Wall

What can I do to make sure my new towel bars stay on the wall? On the back of the parts that are supposed to stay flush against the wall there are two keyhole openings. I have put the screws up on the wall in the spots to match the keyhole openings. I can get the keyhole openings lined up and slide the backs of the parts onto the wall to get the towel bars installed, but lots of times when I take a towel off one of the towel bars, the towel bar holders fall right off the wall. What do I need to do so this won't happen?

The Money Pit Answer

There are many different ways to attach something to a wall, including a towel holder, but when it comes to towel holders, they must be really secure because they take a lot of abuse.

The most important part of this project will be the type of fastener that you use. If there's a stud behind the wall where the keyhole lines up, the screw should go through the keyhole into the stud. If there's no stud, use a toggle bolt for a simple, effective and secure attachment.