CommunityComposite Decking: Is It Worth Using?

Composite Decking: Is It Worth Using?

Is composite decking really worth the expense? The materials are five to six times the cost of wood. How well does it hold up over time? There are some very poor reviews of composite decking on the Internet. Are these isolated cases? We were intending to put up a 400 square foot composite deck, but now we're a little concerned.

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JoHannah Smith 

The Money Pit Answer

Composite decking is a good choice.  While there were maintenance issues with some of the early composite products, the newest composite is solid and provides long-term good looks with very little care.  The key difference is that newer products are encapsulated so that the external skin has no organic materials that can grow algae or mold.  Plan your deck by using pressure treated lumber for the structure and composite for the decking and railings.  You'll no doubt be pleased with the results.