Popular Deck Additions and Accessories

Decorative touches and tables built around ice and fire are exciting trends for customers building and furnishing outdoor spaces.

In our Outdoor Living Trends special report, Industry Edge zeroed in on ornate decks and patios as a top trend for summer 2015. We predicted that more and more people would be adding complex elements to their outdoor living spaces. Here we take a deeper look at two increasingly popular deck elements: decorative features and hot/cold tables.

Most of these deck additions serve both decorative and practical purposes.

Liv Building Products’ Top Five Most Popular Decorative Deck Additions Of 2014 cites lighting, spindles and balusters, latticework, railings and overhead coverings as major trends in the past year.

Most of these deck additions serve both decorative and practical purposes. Lighting can set a cozy or ethereal mood on a deck, while also making it easier and safer to use after sundown. Railings improve safety for everyone, especially for children and adults with lessened mobility. Latticework functions both as a sight barrier for added privacy and as a decorative fence to keep small pets enclosed on the deck.

Likewise, an overhead covering provides protection from the sun and rain. A solid roof made of wood or metal can also support lights or fans, while a fabric cover may be removable and have a fun, whimsical look that fits the decor of many homes.

Another trend in deck additions are specialized tables that feature fire, ice or plants as a centerpiece. Each multifunctional table type adds its own functionality and special ambience.

Fire tables include a fire pit surrounded by a tabletop large enough to hold glasses or even full place settings to enjoy a meal around a glowing fire. Oriflamme’s fire pit tables are gorgeous and easy to customize, with different shapes and colors of tabletops and colors of fire glass. Ice tables contain a built-in cooler, which gives a cool vibe to the area while keeping beverages ice-cold and in easy reach. For a portable spin on this combination, try a rolling cooler that folds out to form a table and chairs. Planter tables are a step above the traditional vase of cut flowers, substituting a living, thriving plant at the center of the table.

There’s no limit to the possibilities for functional and beautiful outdoor living spaces. Inspire your customers to try something new with their decks this year!

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