4 Outdoor Living Trends for Spring 2016


See what outdoor living trends will be hot this spring for lawn-and-garden products.

Homeowners spend ample time outdoors relaxing and entertaining. According to the 2015 Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study, 51 percent spend at least six hours a week outdoors. Sixty-four percent plan to upgrade their outdoor spaces, with the majority planning substantial renovations. See what types of products they may be interested in to help create their ideal outdoor havens.

Sixty-four percent [of homeowners] plan to upgrade their outdoor spaces, with the majority planning substantial renovations.

High-Tech Lawns

The Garden Media Group recently released its 2016 Garden Trends Report, titled “Syncing with Nature,” highlighting the myriad ways in which technology is being incorporated into lawns and gardens. Homeowners use technology to help them garden, to add ambiance to their outdoor spaces and, of course, to purchase garden products.

Smartphone connectivity can allow shoppers to monitor and/or control myriad aspects of their lawn and garden, such as irrigation, soil conditions and even lawn maintenance.

Other products, such as ANC Technology‘s moisture sensors, are hardwired to alert users to issues in or around their lawns. For example, ANC Technology’s moisture sensor-based water alarm beeps and flashes LED lights to alert customers that their plant is running low on water.

Homeowners may also find gardening apps useful for helping them plan their garden designs and plantings for each season.

Health and Well-Being

Generation Z (1995-2009) is the most sedentary generation, thanks in part to being the first digitally native generation. It’s important for customers to attract children outdoors with fun toys and play areas, such as wooden playsets, like this one from Shengsheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd., to entice them to explore and get to know nature.

Indoor greenery is important as well, with plants used routinely in hospitality environments — from living walls to indoor forests — to improve guests’ moods. Commercial customers may be drawn to more decorative pieces, such as Algreen Products’ Vida Wall Art Planters, while residential customers can gain value from products such as Future Harvest Development’s Grow Light Garden, which allows year-round growth of herb and seedling starts.

Consumers are also growing more eco-conscious, especially given California’s drought. Brownscaping, which provides growing opportunities while maximizing garden beds to create nutrient-rich compost, is on the rise, and xeriscaping continues to be a popular way to instill beauty without hogging water.

Outdoor Entertainment

According to Houzz, 47 percent of homeowners use their outdoor spaces for entertaining, which means they might benefit from everything from smart-home LED lighting concepts to outdoor speakers to fire pits.

Dressing up outdoor spaces with beautiful decks and outdoor walkways also can create an inviting environment for guests. Belgard Hardscapes recommends looking at large-format stone pavers, rather than bricks or small cobble, to create more natural-looking pathways around homes.

There may also be interest in inventive entertaining products, such as Nature Innovations’ Surreal Stump Cooler, which mimics the look of oak while providing 90 quarts of beverage storage.


The concept of petscaping has been around for a few years, but expect it to become more popular as more consumers become aware of the possibilities for creating a yard that takes pet habits and needs into account. Retailers can help customers protect their pets by providing a list of poisonous plants to keep out of their yards, as well as quality storage products to keep harmful chemicals away from four-legged explorer friends.

And special outdoor toys and play areas can make pets feel more welcome in the yard — and give them something to do besides dig up flower beds.

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