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Toolkits For Women

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    LESLIE: Sandra listens on WPRO out of Rhode Island. What can we do for you today?

    SANDRA: I’m calling to ask what I need for a single woman’s toolkit. I would call it every single’s toolkit but …

    TOM: Oh, well that’s so much different than a married woman’s toolkit. (chuckling)

    SANDRA: Yeah. I’m going to be unmarried after 100 years and I have never had to hang a painting so …

    TOM: Well, good for you.

    SANDRA: … what do I ask for in the divorce suit for minimum tools?

    TOM: We always joke – Leslie and I always joke because, you know, we get these manufacturers that sell us like – send us the press releases on the latest pink tool kits. And you know …

    SANDRA: Oh, I’ve seen those.

    TOM: … women don’t want pink toolkits.

    LESLIE: No.

    TOM: Women want tools that are going to be built for their hands; that are going to be comfortable and safe and successful for them to use for their home improvement projects. And that’s basically what you’re looking for.

    LESLIE: Yeah, and you know what? Sandra, I have some friends who own a company out of Denver, Colorado called Tomboy Tools. And what they do is they sell tools made by women for women but, you know, they’re made, you know, like a man’s tool. There’s everything that you would have on a regular tool except they’re just changed a little bit so that when you hold a power driver, the trigger’s a little bit bigger; there’s a level so that you know you’re driving your screw in straight and you’re drilling a hole. And what I love best about Tomboy Tools is that if you don’t know how to use the tools, they offer a service where they will educate you on how to do simple things like repair drywall, how to use a power driver; you know, simple things around the house that you can feel confident to do.

    SANDRA: Wow.

    LESLIE: If you to go TomboyTools.com, you can purchase an assortment of kits. You can even get one that’s a step stool that comes with a variety of hand tools. The prices are very affordable. And then what you can do is you can look into a Tomboy Tools grouping in your area. I’m sure there’s a representative in Rhode Island. And they will come to your house and show you how to use it. So it’s definitely a good resource.

    SANDRA: That is terrific. And maybe I can even talk him into a pink box (ph).

    LESLIE: (chuckling) It’s yellow. I’m sure you can paint it.

    SANDRA: Oh, yellow? That’s OK. We’ll put pink stickers on it or something. But I really like the step stool idea with the tools in it.

    LESLIE: It’s really excellent because it keeps everything on hand and it gives you a leg up to do whatever job around the house that you just can’t reach.

    SANDRA: Well, I knew you guys would have the answer. Thanks so much.

    TOM: You’re welcome, Sandra. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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