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Replace a Faucet with Non-Standard Space Between Valves

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    Bill in Texas needs some help finding a faucet. What can we do for you?

    BILL: Yes, ma’am. I’ve got a faucet that’s all worn out. And I … it’s six inch (INAUDIBLE) sink that has a six inch between the valves. And my plumber tells me they don’t make those anymore; that I’m going to have to replace the … I’m going to have to replace the whole sink and countertop and everything.

    TOM: The spread between the valves is only six inches?

    BILL: It’s … it was not a standard size is what he’s saying.

    TOM: Well, Bill, I can see how that might be a challenge because, typically, you have four-inch and eight-inch spreads on the faucets. But there’s another option. You could use a faucet that has the three individual pieces. So you have the hot valve, the cold valve and then the faucet itself. So you don’t really have to have a base that matches that spread. Do you follow me?

    BILL: Yes sir.

    TOM: So, just about every faucet manufacturer out there has the separated faucets like that.

    BILL: OK.

    TOM: They’re basically surface mounted, you know? They’re used very commonly when you have tile surfaces and Corian surfaces and things like that. So you don’t have to have the one piece. You could have the three piece separate and then you have a lot of flexibility.

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