Power Outages: Protect Your Home

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    Summary: Learn how to protect your home in a power outage. Find out about power generators, lightning rods, surge protectors and more.

    TOM: When the power goes out, a generator like this can come in darn handy, but with your basic generator you have to run an extension cord to each outlet to power your appliance. A better option for the generator is to also have a transfer switch. This gets wired right to your main electrical panel so all you have to do is plug in the generator here, flick a few breakers and you’re good to go.

    Another useful product is this. This is a lightning rod. This can take the power of a lightning strike and run it around your house to the ground where it can be safely dissipated instead of through your house where it can cause major damage.

    Now, when it comes to protecting smaller appliances, you’ll need this, a surge protector — but don’t just get the kind that protects the outlets. Get one that protects the phone lines and the cable connections because they could be all sources of surges that could damage your equipment.

    Finally, let’s talk about your computer. For that you need a battery backup like this. A backup keeps your computer fully powered so if you were to lose electricity like this, your computer stays on, giving you plenty of time to save your data and protect it from being destroyed.

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