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Create a Microwave Exhaust Ventilation Duct

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    LESLIE: Mike in Florida’s got a venting question. What’s happening at your house?

    MIKE: Well, I’m remodeling my kitchen and I’m trying to install the microwave oven which would duct up through the attic. And it’s got like a – the microwave oven itself, on the top of that where the vent would go, it’s like 3.5×10 inches. Now it’s an older house and it has this – from the roof line coming down is a seven-inch diameter, I guess, stainless steel tube and somehow I’ve go to connect that up to that but the – where the holes and all are cut for the cabinetry and the matching coming down for the tube, they don’t line up. So is there a way that I can use like flexible tubing and hook one up to the other?

    TOM: Do you have the clearance to use the flex tubing?

    MIKE: I’d have to cut – I think I’d have to cut some of the seven-inch diameter tube coming down from the roof. I’d have to cut a portion of that.

    TOM: You can use it but make sure the flex tubing is metal. Do not use any of the plastic flex tubing because you’re going to be sucking up grease through that microwave exhaust fan and that could be very dangerous.

    MIKE: OK.

    TOM: So, if you use metal flex tubing you’ll be OK.

    MIKE: OK, well I’ll give that a shot because I know it has to be vented somewhere and I just don’t want it venting up into my attic.

    TOM: No, absolutely. And it’s a good idea to get that out and a lot of folks have just recirculators. So if you’ve got the duct going out the hardest part of this is done but just connect the missing section there with flex tube and you’ll be good to go.

    MIKE: OK, well thank you.

    TOM: You’re welcome, Mike. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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