Hybrid Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems are now available with hybrid technology and becoming an energy-saving solution for the comfort of your indoor environment. If it’s about time for you to replace or upgrade your current HVAC components, look into the smart new hybrid heating and cooling dual-fuel systems now being offered by many top manufacturers. You’ll be rewarded by these hybrid heating and cooling systems with top-flight efficiency and year-round energy savings.

How a hybrid system works:  As with a hybrid car, a hybrid HVAC system brings together two fuel sources for flexible, efficient heating and cooling. Most include a gas furnace and an electric heat pump, with installer-calibrated controls that switch between the two depending on which is the most economical at any given time for maintenance of indoor comfort levels required by the homeowner.

Where the savings come in:  A hybrid heating and cooling system’s ability to take advantage of the best local fuel pricing quickly cuts down on costs, particularly during peak heating and cooling periods. It all goes back to the flexible control system, set up by a pro who has firsthand knowledge of both local seasonal temperatures and rate patterns for gas and electric utilities. When these fluctuate beyond the predictions used for the initial system setup, the installer can make further adjustments to hybrid HVAC controls to ensure that efficiency and savings hold steady.

Hybrid Heating and Cooling SystemsThe results can be truly dramatic: American Standard’s Heritage Hybrid Comfort System, for example, can deliver up to 68 percent energy savings over a comparable 10-year-old system and 37 percent savings compared to more recent systems.

In some markets, utilities rebates also help to keep energy dollars in the pocket of a hybrid heating and cooling system owner. And if you consider the reduced wear and tear and extended component life resulting from the furnace’s and heat pump’s shared responsibility for heating and cooling comfort, there’s a notable equipment cost savings to be realized over the long term.

Getting the most out of a hybrid system:  As with any heating and cooling system, savvy additions and minor home improvements can add to the indoor comfort and energy bill joy experienced by the homeowner.

A compatible programmable thermostat is a great start, adding to the control and flexibility needed as outdoor temperatures rise and fall. Installation of air filtration and humidity-control units enhances the health of occupants while preserving the home’s structural elements.

Finally, well-sealed ductwork, doors and windows help keep hybrid-generated coolness and warmth indoors for maximum enjoyment and savings of your hybrid heating and cooling

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